Annual Jamaica Scholarship

The Ministry of Education and Youth will award scholarships to first year University students who are desirous of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in any faculty at the University of the West Indies or the University of Technology. Before completing this form, please read the following regulations.


Supporting Documents
  1. Certified copy of the candidate’s Birth Certificate or evidence of date of birth
  2. Letter/Evidence that the candidate :is eligible if he/she:
    1. was born in Jamaica and the candidate has been domiciled in Jamaica during the five years prior to the award OR
    2. was born overseas to parents who are Jamaican citizens and the candidate has been domiciled in Jamaica during the five years prior to the award OR
    3. has been naturalized and has been domiciled in Jamaica during the five years prior to the award
    4. N.B. Short periods of absence from Jamaica shall be disregarded
  3. Character reference letter from a member of the community e.g. Education Officer, Principal, Minister of Religion or Justice of the Peace.
  4. One (1) academic reference letter.
  5. Certificate of fitness from a Registered Medical Practitioner
  6. Certified copies of Educational records/certificates;
  7. Applicants for the JAMAICA CENTENARY SCHOLARSHIP (Female) must submit a certificate or letter showing the years that he had attended a Public Primary School (Infant School excluded) for at least three (3) years

Successful candidates will be required to sign a bond agreeing to work in Jamaica and work in a Government owned institution for a period not exceeding five (5) years.


    1. The candidate shall pass not less than three core subjects at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) level plus Communications Studies/Caribbean Studies by the Caribbean Examination Council held in June the last preceding year (hereafter referred to as the “qualifying examination”) Students must sit both units of the core subjects.
    2. The Minister shall have been informed by the Caribbean Examination Council (Headquarters) that the candidate is the most deserving of a Jamaica Scholarship among these who took the qualifying examination and can, under the provisions of these Regulations be considered for the award.
    3. was born in Jamaica or born overseas of parents who are Jamaican citizens or has been naturalized and
    4. has been domiciled in Jamaica during the five years prior to the award, but short periods of absence from Jamaica shall be disregarded
    5. On the first day of June in the year of the qualifying examination the candidate shall not be over the age of nineteen (19) years;
    6. He/she shall be a person of good character;
    7. He/she shall have given or produced as the case may require, to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education:
      1. notice in writing that he/she is a candidate for a Jamaica Scholarship for the next succeeding year;
      2. good and sufficient evidence that the requirements specified in sub-paragraphs (c), (d), (e) and (f) have been satisfied.
  1. The provisions of sub-paragraphs (a) to (g) of paragraph (1) shall apply to a female candidate as they apply to a male candidate


The Standard Marks for each Advanced level syllabus are out of a maximum   of 200.  The value of each core subject (unit 1 and 2) has a value of 200 marks. Therefore, the maximum standard mark for the scholarship is 600 and it is each candidate’s aggregate mark that determines his/her success.  Communication Studies/Caribbean Studies is zero-rated.  Zero rated means the subject carries no numeric value.

Students may sit a combination of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and GCE ‘A’ Level subjects as follows:

Students can sit  three (3)  core GCE ‘A” Level subjects and communication or Caribbean  Studies (CAPE) or

Students can sit three (3) core Caribbean Advanced   Proficiency Education (CAPE) subjects and General Paper.

Any misleading/fraudulent information given will disqualify an applicant from accessing the programme.